Updating att cell phones

18-Dec-2017 12:20

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That phone then functions on AT&T’s network, but if you try to place a T-Mobile SIM card into the phone and switch to T-Mobile’s network, the phone will reject the T-Mobile SIM card.There’s no legitimate technical reason for this—it’s compatible—but the AT&T phone is “locked” to AT&T’s network and only accepts AT&T SIM cards.Cell phone locking is really just a way to create additional friction for average people switching carriers, encouraging them to stick with their current carrier instead of looking around for a better price.It’s one of the many horrible business practices carriers employ to gouge their customers. Maybe your contract has expired and you want to switch to another carrier, maybe you’re visiting another country, or maybe you just want to pay an early termination fee and get out of your contract early.

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Your locked phone would reject anything but an AT&T SIM card.Phone locking applies to nearly any type of cell phone, from the lowest, cheapest dumb phone to the highest end smartphone.