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It’s not about money, gifts or physical items but how you make others feel. It can be contributing to a conversation by having a unique or interesting opinion.

Or it can be as easy as making a girl feel attractive and intelligent.

You can view Part I here for the first 10 lessons if you have not read it yet…The way you communicate with women will determine whether you are viewed as a potential friend or lover (this happens in less than 30 seconds).

Communication goes hand and hand with your personality.

An attractive man is able to communicate and present a masculine energy.

He is able to excite women and touch them on an emotional level.

He does this by carrying himself with total confidence, ease and playful confidence.

By learning how to communicate with a woman aka flirting, you set the underlying tone of the interaction as fun and playful.

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It takes courage and strength to push beyond group mentality because as humans we fear losing approval of others (it’s hardwired into us). See showing appreciation is necessary for when she does a little extra. Don’t construct your sense of reality around external factors or the reactions of other people.

Play with the things she gives you (words or actions); tell her she’s like your dorky little sister/cousin, tell her she’s not making the cut then later switch it up and be playful by say “I like you” when she says something silly.

Show that you have a well-developed sense of humor, don’t take things too serious, know how to laugh at yourself, and at the rest of the world. Slow down when you speak, enunciate, increase your volume, and deepen the tone of your voice.

In a relationship you want to have strong lines of open communication between the both of you. You need to know what you’re doing because she needs to know everything is going to be alright. Leaderships is being able to say, “I’ll handle it,” and take the initiative to find a solution.

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Never let anything build up or hold resentment towards each other. She could be an independent and successful woman like Beyonce but she still wants Jay-Z to take care of her because it’s a hard knock life, bay-beh! Everybody wants to be around the guy that can handle his own.

Sometimes you talk for a majority of the conversation. If you say 3 jokes and only 1 joke is funny then you’re still the funniest guy most people know.4. By exercising your social muscle, you enable yourself to develop your charisma. Many people remember a minute with the former president forever. So much of social interaction is just about having strong eye contact and holding your frame.

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