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An inseparable prefix used before a vowel and giving the root an opposite sense.

ab, from.) Of this abs is a fuller, and a a shorter, form.

{Ab, away from, d/cn's, a ray.) That sui'face of an Echinoderm which is free from spines.

(Belly emptied by force.) Abortion induced by art, according to Chambers and James. (L., from "Af Ba^, a mathematical table on which lines and figures were drawn.) A table used for preparations.

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(77° F.) ; recommended in pulmo- nary and cutaneous diseases.

A plant which grows to 20 feet ^ ■ or more in height, having a woody stem forming a distinct trunk, e.

c\ A climbing plant which moves against the sun, e.

The distinguish- ing characteristics of classes and orders are related, and the generic and specific descriptions of such animals and plants as appeared to possess some medical interest. In Chemistry, in like manner, the philosophical terms are explained, and the great groups of substances described, as well as those individual coin- pounds which have any bearing on Medical Science. A cold alkaline spring ; recommended in cases of dys- pepsia, gout, and rheumatism.

h/New CLASS MARK ACCESSION NUMBER THE NEW SYDENHAM SOCIETY'S LEXICON or MEDICINE AND THE ALLIED SCIENCES. In Biology we believe that all words will be found that are commonly employed, together with many that have fallen into disuse.

We have thought it expedient to retain nearly all the original words ; for although many have become obsolete, and others have failed to obtain any general acceptance, we have felt that to those who consult the older authors, an explanation of unused terms would be o£ service. As to the words at present in use, we have endeavoured to give complete and concise descriptions, not only of all purely medical terms, but also of those which are employed in the several ancillary sciences and subjects which form part o£ modern medical knowledge.