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So there are a few brands of German writing about the war.

On one hand, it's satisfying to read about the quick collapse of the German military structure and the interesting ploys everyone tried to escape to friendlier turf. But it's not enough to only say that Hitler was an emotional wreck all the time and a cranky piece of shit who blamed everyone else for his monumental failure.

There are some pleasing anecdotes here, like how just before the Red Army came in, Berliners would walk by each other whistling a tune the lyrics of which translate to "After all, it's not the end of the world..." Then there's the ghoulish, like Goebbels' wife playing solitaire in her room after killing her own children. I'm not sure it's ever helpful to say that, in fact, because it doesn't do anything but confirm what we all think we know from watching movies dating back to The Great Dictator.

And maybe I'm about to throw in my lot with the reenactment crowd and start buying fake used daggers on Ebay, but I find the stuff about Hitler's affect the most interesting. It's worth explaining why he fell prey to these habits of mind; why he was always blaming other people; why he felt so chronically betrayed.

The film Der Untergang [the Downfall:] was based largely on Bis zur letzten Stunde (Junge's published diary) and does a fantastic job conveying (so well, it'll make you uncomfortable) what those final months in the Berlin bunker must have been like. It assumed you already knew all the players involved, and the basic plot.

Sometimes captions to pictures explained who some of the people were, but not others, and left you to guess which was which.

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It assumed you already knew all the players involved, and the basic plot.SS bleef hondstrouw terwijl anderen van de Wehrmacht de overgave bepleitten om het zinloze verlies van mensenlevens en soldatenlevens te sparen.

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