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"Oh mom, I just couldn't wait till we got home, I just had to feel you again" "I know what you mean honey, I couldn't wait either, so just come on and fuck me" "Yes mom, this is a dream come true" "Ooooohhh yes my darling, I have dreamt of this too for a long time, just going to bed with you and make love to you" I began to fuck my mom from beneath, and soon we had found a nice rhythm, I could feel that it wouldn't take me long before I would be cumming.

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I had looked they were all black guys fucking her a call I saw the hole thing on camera ask her are you okay she said told me that she wanted to be gangbanged and that I should do more of we both do it together as sisters taking on every guy in hotel room and we are up to 30 guys each doing bareback fucking and yes my sister did have black child gave it up for adoption and to this day my sister and I still fuck in group fucks even at the age of 65 and 63you think sons fucking their moms are fun it is the milfs who enjoy fucking younger studs now Im an older bisexual black guy that ended up having sex with my mom back in the 80's after spying on my older male neighbor/companion fucking my mom.

My mom didnt know at the time that I was even bi, let alone sleeping with this guy.

Long story short, not only did I see first hand that my mom was a complete freak and slut, but she was very turned on at the thought of James fucking me. I wound up having sex with my mom more then a few times.

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As we were messing around under the water I suddenly felt her pubic bone pressing against my cock, and it caused my cock to get hard again, I am sure my mom could feel it as well, as it took her a few extra seconds to let me go, and when we surfaced she had a strange look on her face. " "Yes, mom I'm afraid so, sorry mom I didn't mean to" "You don't have anything to be sorry about, I take it as a compliment, besides it is a long time since I have felt such a hard penis" "I just couldn't avoid getting a hard on, after our little water fight" "I think that it is lovely to feel my son getting a hard on just by having a little water fight with his old mom" "Mom you are not old, I think you are lovely and very beautiful" "Thank you honey, try to hold on for a second" My mom moved back a little, and I felt her hand grab hold of my cock, taking it out of my swim trousers, then she moved closer again, and suddenly I could feel my cock being led up into something wet and warm. " "Yes mom, it feels so nice, am I really inside you, or are you performing some trick so it just feels like it?After about 5 minutes my cock slipped out of my mom again, we continued to kiss and hug, and after a little while we agreed to go home and continue our little game there.

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